This is our information where you read about us and can be assured to make transactions. Remember, we are here to give you a better gaming experience when you can start a game with a high level account. We charge a very small fee enough to run this website.

We are gamers

We are playing Storm Of Wars & Lords Mobile in free time. Besides, we don't forget to spend time for the real life.



This is Trouser's description.



I play games to have more good friends around the world. I write websites to help life more interesting.

We build safe transactions


1. Clean Process

We do transactions following a defined process. So, everything is in control.

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2. Trusted Middeman

Trouser is a trusted man. He spent much money for games and always keep #1 in every game he played.

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3. Extremely Low Fee

We charge a very small fee enough to run this website: 5% per successful transaction.

Transaction Process

How to make a transaction between buyer and seller.

1. Seller contacts with 1990 Middleman to post his account on website.

2. Buyer contacts with 1990 Middleman to give the suggestion.

3. 1990 Middleman confirms with Seller and Buyer.

4. Seller sends his account information to 1990 Middleman.

5. Buyer sends money to 1990 Middleman.

6. 1990 Middleman changes Seller's account information into Buyer's.

7. Buyer confirms.

8. 1990 Middleman sends money to Seller.

9. Seller confirms.

10. Done. Please give to us a rate. Thanks!